Digital Restaurant Solutions in 24 Hours

Affordable and Flexible Digital Restaurant Solutions in One Platform

We offer 360 degree digitalization in 24 hours as restaurant solutions in an economical way for cafes, restaurants, bars or hotels. Offering your digitalization needs for your restaurant affordable on a single platform, allzin offers benefits and technology for 1000+ member businesses.

From the restaurant automation system to the QR menu or even to the online payment mobile order system, we provide the end-to-end solution to manage on a single screen and with your mobile phone-tablet or computer.

End to End Restaurant Solutions

  • Restaurant automation POS system
  • Waiter hand terminal (iOS, Android compatible)
  • QR menu or tablet menu
  • Mobile online payment infrastructure
  • Compatible with Table – Takeaway – Package order systems
  • Advanced reporting
  • Campaign management and sales
  • Event management
  • Customer loyalty system

Easily manage your business with the vitrin from wherever you want with the device you want.

You are The Boss

Your Restaurant In Mobile

Take Orders

Add Your Restaurant to allzin

If you manage a cafe, restaurant, bar or hotel, sign up for allzin now. Customers will find up-to-date information about your business on your allzin profile page.

Manage Menu Freely

Create menu categories, add products. Use the price change and product hiding features at any time.

Select Your Order Preferences

Restaurants can take orders in 4 ways by allzin. From the table-without waiter, from the table-waiter controlled, take-out and take-away order. Activate the appropriate one and start taking orders.

Create Real-Time Campaigns

Create a campaign for 100s of products on the menu in seconds whenever you want. Sell the product you want, at the price you want, with the number of campaigns you want.

Post Your Events and Sell Tickets

Increase participation in your event by announcing your events such as music, performing arts, workshops and training to your customers who are full of the taste of your meals. Moreover, you do not have to be a restaurant and add a menu in order to publish an event on allzin.

End to End Business Solutions

Let my POS system work fully integrated with allzin!

I need a cool Qr Menu!


I want my customers to order before they come to my restaurant and not to wait in line!

Package Order

I do not want to pay commission for each order!

Order Table & Room

I want our customers to order from the table / room without contact!


I want to sell discounted menus when there are fewer customers!

Loyalty System

I want my customers to accumulate points as they order and come back!

Event Marketing

I organize events and want to sell tickets!

Add Restaurant

I want my restaurant to be listed on allzin immediately!

Join allzin Marketplace

I want to get unlimited use of everything on allzin!

Become A Partner

I want to market allzin products to my customers and generate revenue!

Our References

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