QR Menu

QR Menu For Your Restaurant

allzin QR menu was used 2.3 Million times in 2020 and was loved by customers. Menus entered customers’ phones and became more easily accessible.

  • Freely manage your menu
  • Add unlimited categories and products
  • Update prices whenever you want
  • Add menu in English, Turkish and Arabic
  • Add a special price $ 16 instead of $ 21
  • Make the category or product “Active / Passive”
  • View customer reports
  • Share the menu to your followers on social media

Create Digital Menu In 3 Steps

qr menü restoran

1. Send Restaurant Info

Share your restaurant information, logo and menu with us.

QR menü kullanım

2. Let Our Team Prepare in 24 Hours

Our professional content team prepares everything for you.

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3. Print QR Code To Use

We will share your brand’s QR code with your logo via e-mail. And you’re ready! Print the QR code and start using it instantly.

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+1 You Can Order With QR Menu On Table

Are your waiters too busy? Just activate the order from the table and start taking orders with the QR menu.

Need to Know About QR Menu

Customers who come to your restaurant have different technological information. For this reason, you should offer a digital menu that your customers can use very easily. allzin QR menu has proven its success by using 2.3 million times with its unique vertical category system.

Without downloading the application and in 3 seconds;

  • The customer opens the camera of his phone
  • Reads the QR code on the table
  • Examines the menu from their own phones
  • It either tells the waiter or enters the table number and sends the order to the kitchen

In accordance with the concept of space;

  • The size of the QR code should not be smaller than 2×2 cm and larger than 4×4 cm
  • You can stick it on the table as an opaque adhesive label.
  • You can put it on the T-shaped double sided foils
  • You can stylishly fit the decor items on the table

Generally, on phones with Android operating system, the camera cannot read QR code. This is all about the feature of the phone. But make sure that you have the QR code reading feature for your camera in the settings section of your phone and if it is, it is turned on. If this feature is not available, you must download a secure QR code reader from Google Play.

Yes, in seconds. Even with your phone!

Yes, in seconds. You can either open your camera and shoot and upload it instantly.

You may have met allzin via the QR menu. But when you discover our application; You will see that it is so advanced that it will surprise you, we have experienced this many times 🙂

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100+ Language Menu

Foreign tourist customers can view your menu on their mobile phones in their own language.

Stylish Appearance

Let your digital menu reflect your brand with our customization feature according to your brand colors.

Menu on Google

Offer your menus and services with allzin to thousands of people searching your business on Google, Ex: Dorock XL with up-to-date information on the first page